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Actavis Pharma Company is the Canadian subsidiary of Actavis plc, the third largest generic company in the world. Previously operating as Cobalt Pharmaceuticals Company and Arrows OTC, Actavis Pharma now markets and sells over 100 generic and OTC products to all pharmacies across Canada.


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Continuing to Invest in Canada and our Customers: We strive to be first to market with new launches and ensure product availability to Canadian pharmacies and their patients.

ACT Gliclazide MR 30 mg

New! ACT Gliclazide MR 30 mg

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Cobalt The Watson Group

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CO to ACT Product Transition

Over the next twenty-four months Cobalt-labelled products will gradually transition to the new Actavis brand.
Cobalt to Actavis Transition

More information about the transition of products from Cobalt to Actavis